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Going Beyond Stigma

We are going further than ‘it’s okay not to be okay’. We are creating a movement where men can be vulnerable, address our mental health and then take up the responsibility to do something about it, to go find meaning and purpose within our lives.

Mental health impacts how we all interact, how we listen to and deal with each other, how we give and receive feedback. It is the basis from which we perceive life and how we capitalise on the good times as well as the bad. It is time to pay attention to it.

EVOLVE Membership

EVOLVE is your mental health training regime. We all accept the importance of physical training but we have never been shown the way to train our mental health. Evolve is here to cover both. It will be your ‘team’, your ‘gym’ and your ‘school’ offering all you need to learn and implement the non-negotiable tools to have in your armoury when going through life.

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25% of the UK suffer with a mental health problem each year. With this in mind, we are committed to donating 25% of all profits to offering immediate psychological support to young people who need it.

Mantality Apparel is your way to carry this message and become an advocate.

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We discuss mental health openly and freestyle on the subjects around this, whilst exploring cultures and understanding of the society in which we all live. We do it with athletes at the top of their game and role model celebrities to offer the best advice and entertainment.