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Mantality counselling is provided by accredited therapist, Jon Bell. Jon’s clinic is a safe and welcoming space for anyone looking for counselling support. Together you will build the foundations of a healthy therapeutic relationship to help get you back to you.

Navigating Life’s Challenges

Clients often approach Jon feeling overwhelmed by depression, anxiety, and a pervasive sense of bleakness. By working with Jon, he challenges these perceptions, inviting a renewed perspective of choice and possibility. Embracing George Bernard Shaw’s insight – “Those who can’t change their minds cannot change anything” – Jon guides individuals towards transformative shifts in their thinking.

Therapeutic Expertise

Jon embarks on a journey rooted in thorough therapeutic training, concentrating on trauma, loss, and the nuances of human vulnerability. His goal is to assist individuals in navigating obstacles that hinder a sense of fulfilment. Right from the beginning, he addresses the impact of shame on seeking support, fostering an environment conducive to openness and growth.

The road back to yourself begins and ends with you.

It begins with choices that have always been yours but have felt beyond your control. For some, it begins by choosing to reach out for help and begin the walk back to who you really are.

Our sessions will be an opportunity for us to work to uncover the barriers and challenges that are preventing you from reaching a state of mind that is more content, resilient and mindful of the journey you’ve been on. Even in your toughest moments, you’ve been doing the best work that you could.

Clinic Sessions

Experience the warmth and comfort of in-person counselling at Jon’s clinic in York. A dedicated space where open dialogue and support flourish.

Walking Therapy

Combine the benefits of movement and nature with Jon’s Walking Therapy sessions. Explore meaningful conversations while taking steps towards positive change.

Online Zoom Sessions

Access counselling support from the comfort of your own space, ensuring flexibility and continuity in your therapeutic journey.

How long is a typical counselling session with Jon?

What types of issues does Jon typically work with?

What is the process for booking a counselling session with Jon?

To book a session, please contact Jon by emailing [email protected]. After initial contact, Jon will introduce himself and guide you through the booking process.

Is there a cancellation policy for sessions?

How does Jon ensure client confidentiality and data security during online Zoom sessions?

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