The road back to yourself begins and ends with you.

It begins with choices that have always been yours but have felt beyond your control. For some, it begins by choosing to reach out for help and begin the walk back to who you really are.

Some call it therapy, others prefer counselling but whatever you choose to call our time together, our sessions will be an opportunity for us to work to uncover the barriers and challenges that are preventing you from reaching a state of mind that is more content, resilient and mindful of the journey you’ve been on. Even in your toughest moments, you’ve been doing the best work that you could.

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Shame and blame play a huge part in leading us to believe that we are not worthy of a life that is wholehearted and happy. Whatever our lived experiences, shame can mute our ability to reach out; by working together, we’ll be challenging that shame from the very start.

Clients can often arrive feeling depressed, anxious, and certain of the bleakness of their life. By working together we’ll question those certainties and invite choice and possibility back into your way of thinking. As George Bernard Shaw said: “Those who can’t change their minds cannot change anything”.

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At Mantality Counselling, you’ll be invited to change your mind. How that changes your life is up to you.

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I'm Jon Bell,

I’m an integrative psychotherapist with experience of working with a wide variety of people facing uniquely different and difficult challenges. I have just completed my MA thesis into vulnerability in Rugby League, looking at how striving for authenticity in the toughest of sports can present all of us with a therapeutic template for happier, wholehearted living.

Jon Bell
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, all sessions will be held virtually on Zoom until our Leeds-based venue is safe to open.

Your first booking will be secured by a £20 deposit, payable below. You will be asked to pay the remaining £30 after the conclusion of your first session.

All initial enquiries, bookings, and cancellations are taken via [email protected] or through +44 7845 409902 only. Your personal details, your reasons for attending therapy, and your identity are confidential and you should use the email and mobile channels above rather than going through Mantality’s main contact details.

Please read our therapeutic contract. The contract is in place to help you and your therapist develop a therapeutic relationship.

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To make an appointment, or ask any questions prior to booking, please get in touch with Jon on the details below:

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“I found it really hard to ask for help but Jon was patient and allowed the process to develop at a pace that I felt comfortable with. He’s incredibly perceptive and focussed, but always empathetic.”

“Jon quickly gained my daughter’s trust, which gave her the confidence to be honest about how she felt. He tailored the sessions to her needs and gave her coping strategies which continue to help her.”

“I cannot thank Jon enough for what he did for me. I truly believe had it not been for him I would still be in the hole I found myself trapped in for months.”

“He managed to open up my mind to completely new ideas and possibilities I hadn’t even come close to thinking of myself. I haven’t been this happy for a long time and it is because of Jon I have been able to find a part of me I really did think I had lost forever.”