We help men take control of their mindset by getting them to live with purpose, peace of mind and resilience so that they can be the men they want to be when they look in the mirror.

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Stevie Ward

Stevie Ward is an ex-professional rugby league player and former captain of the Leeds Rhinos, before recently choosing to step away from the game due to concussion.

Stevie’s career demonstrates not only the highest of highs in sport, being a two time Grand Final and a challenge cup winner, but also the devastating adversities that come with them; 10 operations and three major concussions all before the age of 27.

Stevie launched Mantality in 2016 after experiencing depression and anxiety amongst the highs and lows of rugby league. He felt that mental health wasn’t spoken about enough amongst men and in the sporting arena so his mission was to shine a light on the darkness that men can go through. Stevie also provides a proactive approach that helps men to remove unnecessary suffering and live a resilient life with purpose and meaning.

Creative Director

Dom Smith

Dom Smith co-founded Mantality alongside Stevie in 2016 and is the Creative Director. He is a trained audio engineer, content creator, video producer and photographer. Dom coordinates the creative & technical direction of the content production process.
Podcast Co-host

Chris O'Connor

Chris is a critically acclaimed writer living and working in West Yorkshire. His scripts have been produced by the likes of the BBC, Leeds Playhouse and Red Ladder Theatre Company.

Never afraid to grapple society's thorniest issues, Chris's work has humanised oft-misunderstood subjects like suicide, radicalisation and the migrant crisis.

Chris is also a dedicated vegan and meditator, and a committed member of the Effective Altruism community.

Natalie Alleston


Mind Coach

Rick Cooper

Rick is an NLP master practitioner, educator, and mentor. He is Mantality’s mental skills and performance coach for individuals & teams.

He regularly works and helps to empower coaches, athletes, and driven people to get clear on who they want to be, where they want to go and why they want to get there.

Rick will help you identify and understand your values, your behaviours and start to create a clear roadmap of your purposeful vision. You’ll gain deep self-awareness, strategies, and tools to consciously embody your potential and calmly live your life with an open heart, a warrior spirit, a quiet mind, and feet firmly on the ground.

Content Producer

James Swallow

James is a videographer and content producer. He joined us at Mantality in 2021 and has a passion for creating innovative educational & marketing content for our podcast and coaching programmes.


Mantality Counselling is available in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Sessions can be in-person: face-to-face therapy, or walking therapy. Alternatively, all counsellors can deliver sessions via Zoom.

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Jon Bell


Lee Jewitt


Jon Bell

I’m an integrative psychotherapist with experience of working with a wide variety of people facing uniquely different and difficult challenges. I have just completed my MA thesis into vulnerability in Rugby League, looking at how striving for authenticity in the toughest of sports can present all of us with a therapeutic template for happier, wholehearted living.


Lee Jewitt

I’m a former professional rugby league player of 17 years. During my sporting career, I was supporting players who were facing difficulties in their personal and sporting life.

I am now an integrative counsellor with experience in supporting individuals with psychological trauma and mental health difficulties.

I take a person-centred integrative approach when supporting clients. Creating a safe and non-judgemental space. My core values are Compassion, Empathy and competence to help each person move towards a more purposeful and happier life.

Selected Clients

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