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Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Matthew Morris, I am 28 years of age and I’m originally from Leeds. I am from a large family, one of five children. I have an older brother and sister, and a younger brother and sister.  We all grew up together in Oulton for the larger part of our childhood. In 2008 we immigrated to Perth, Western Australia. Unfortunately, due to visa issues, my family had to go back to England and I opted to stay in Perth. Ten years on I now live with my partner Leanne who I have known since I was 8 but hadn’t seen or spoken to her since we left school in 2007. We re-connected in 2012 after she moved to Perth and we now have a daughter who is 4 and a boy on the way. I own my own business which I set up in 2015; we are an electrical/civil contracting company who does work for utilities across Western Australia. We currently have around 15-20 staff on the books which has reduced in the last 18 months due to a downturn in the economy here, but coming into 2020 we have a great foundation and I’m looking to build onto that after taking some steps in 2019 to secure the future of my business.

How did you first find out about Mantality?

It was on social media when the launch happened at the start, I didn’t pay too much attention initially but as time went on I read more blogs and articles started listening to podcasts and got into it that way. I briefly met Stevie in Melbourne when he was over for the world club challenge and after that started to look into ways I could get involved and be a part of it. I then joined as a patron and the rest is history! 

Why did you decide to join the Mantality Club?

Firstly, I enjoy helping people so if the small amount I give every month can help raise awareness and promote the message then I want to be a part of that. Also, it’s something that I can see really growing due to the importance of men’s mental health and being able to talk which we don’t do. With the work being done so far in a small space of time since the launch, if I could help it grow and be part of something that everyone could be proud of in 10-20 years’ time that will be there for not only my kids but their friends and families, the fact that it also helped me along my journey is amazing to be a part of. 

How has the Club helped you?

It has been great to be involved in the club so far, listening to other people talk and hearing the ways they deal with their mental health. I wish I was in the UK at times to be more involved and meet the lads but the time will come to do that. I enjoy the podcasts and listening to some of the guests’ journeys and tools they use. Its also good to know that there is a support group there if needed. I haven’t probably got the most out of it yet as I’m still trying to figure out what I need to do to improve my own mental health but I’m slowly making lifestyle changes and changing my thinking to improve and work towards goals.

What has been your favourite podcast so far and why?

I have a few! Stevie talking about the Grand final in 2017 and the injury beforehand, Josh Warrington’s was a good one as I have met Josh a few times and I’m a massive fan – I have all his memorabilia in my office at work! I enjoy any podcasts with athletes, hearing how they perform at high levels, the sacrifices that come with it,  what people don’t see behind the scenes and then, on the other hand, the success and celebrations after years of hard work. Daryl O’Connor was a good one in ways of dealing with stress which I related to a lot.

Who would be the dream guest on the podcast and why?

My dream podcast would probably be Tyson Fury, I wasn’t a massive fan of his a few years back but seeing him win over a lot of people and hearing his journey with mental health and coming back from that and seeing what he is doing now is great to watch. I would be happy with any Leeds legends! Jamie Peacock as I was a big fan of his growing up, Keith Senior, Rob burrow after hearing what he is now going through and finally Sir Kevin Sinfield.

How do you think your mental health and mindset has an impact on your life?

It has a massive impact; I deal with a lot of stress due to work and running my own business and dealing with the stress of not only my livelihood but my staffs as well. I’m not great with my own mental health I don’t speak much, I bottle it up so like a said before I’m still figuring out how I can help myself and not make excuses. I know I need to make changes. I just keep making excuses and don’t see it through. I take comfort from helping others where and when I can and I use my position as a boss to do that, but I know this year I need to help myself before I help others all the time.

How has this developed over the years?

Looking back, I have always been a deep thinker even from a young age, I investigate things and think things through all the time. I am very outgoing and love meeting people and enjoy being in a large group, but I can also just sit and think by myself and don’t always need to be around people, I do like my own company. There are parts of my past which haunt me and play on my mind that I think about most days but find myself putting it to the back of my mind and getting on with life.

What other things would you like to see from Mantality?

My dream would be for it to branch out of the UK and be a hit here in Australia. In the short term more podcasts and more of the apparel which has been a big success so far. I wore one of the shirts on the weekend to an Australia Day party and had people asking where I got it and how they could get it, which is a good way to raise awareness and get talking about it. I’m digressing a bit, but it started a deep conversation between myself and two of my mates and they both said they weren’t ok which none of us knew so to hear that after them asking about a T-shirt was massive. It’s now opened my eyes even more and I feel like I not only need to do more for myself but my mates as well.

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