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Mantality’s 6 week yoga course for MEN hosted by Stevie Ward, Captain of Leeds Rhinos.

Calling all men who would like to learn a physical practice that will broaden their comfort zone, improve their physical health whilst simultaneously improving their mental health. It will be a chance to invest in our minds and bodies to help find a place of stillness and relaxation. Over the six classes, we can unite as a group of men who are striving to learn, commit, and challenge ourselves without a need for competition.

The course will be lead by Joseph Thomas who specialises in a varied range of yoga techniques and movement disciplines. Joseph will guide us through a BOLD and GROUNDING series of movements to find an ENERGISED state. The classes will begin with breathing exercises to help centre the mind. Using this place of clarity we will challenge the body to work through strengthening poses that will simultaneously help us expand our range of motion. We will use the power that this builds to achieve full focus within the present moment. Each class will take the group on a journey through finding clarity of the mind, developing strength, flexibility, and improving balance and posture, which will all be underpinned by our self-discipline, inner wisdom and using yogas core principles of oneness.

The 6 sessions will allow us to take ownership of our own yoga practice that works for each one of us as individuals. We will be able to carry this with us to help supplement our daily lives allowing us to keep striving and reach our fullest potential.

The course will be an opportunity for our group to challenge ourselves to learn, connect and grow.

  • All equipment provided
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, which allow you to move

WHEN: 6:15pm

  • Tuesday 14th April
  • Tuesday 21st April
  • Tuesday 28th April
  • Tuesday 5th May
  • Tuesday 12th May
  • Tuesday 19th May


  • Mantality Apparel, Trinity Center, Leeds


6 sessions:  1 hour class

  • 10 minute meditation
  • 20 minute social hosted by Stevie Ward (optional)
  • 10% off Mantality Apparel
  • 30 day free trail to Mantality CLUB

Course price: £50

To enquire and book contact:


Why Yoga?

  • physical benefits
  • increases flexibility and balance
  • increases strength and muscle tone
  • embody a healthier posture
  • improve respiration, energy and vitality
  • helps elevate pain and stress
  • increases circulatory health
  • calms nervous system
  • reduces excess inflammation within the body
  • mental benefits
  • Reduces stress by decreasing the release of cortisol into the body- the primary stress hormone
  • sharpens the ability to focus, and increases attention span
  • re-energises the body and elevates fatigue
  • increases awareness of the mind and body connection and how to utilise this to better enjoy life
  • a time to solely invest in yourself, and disconnect from the outside world


Joseph’s yoga practice began in 2013 whilst training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. Searching for a deeper sense of connection between the mind, body and spirit, the yoga mat became a place to reprogram and unwind. As the practice progressed into a daily ritual, Joseph began to experience dance in a much more holistic way, connecting to the sensory experience of movement as opposed to its aesthetical value. 

After completing BPA (Hons) and Verve (Postgraduate Company of NSCD), Joseph based himself in the North working as a freelance dancer until 2017.

In 2018 Joseph completed his Teacher Training at Shakti Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India. Whilst training, Joseph deepened his skills in various forms of yoga with its basic essence derived from the Yoga Sutras. Studying Ashtanga, Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama and Mantras, the training deepened Joseph’s knowledge of anatomy and alignment as well as studying the history and philosophy of yoga. 

Joseph is also training in the Ghosh Lineage Bikram Intermediate Series. Prior to this, in 2017 Joseph competed in the UK Championship of Yoga Sports and was awarded 1st Place in the Men’s Division.

Teaching wise, Joseph’s main focuses are Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Conditioning. 

Above all, Joseph is very enthusiastic about helping people get out of their heads and into their bodies. Cultivating courage, compassion and connection are the main principles to his classes. 

Alongside this, in 2019 Joseph became an Ayurvedic Yoga Masseuse. A method developed by Master Kusum Madak after many years of studying traditional Ayurvedic massage and Iyengar Yoga.

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