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I’ve been experimenting a fair bit recently and I’ve got some morning routines to consider. Crazy and normal. I’m two games back in to the Super League season now and I’m feeling pretty good. Along with getting back in to the full training regime with the team and concentrating on rugby league specific fitness (not easy😩), I’ve also been doing some different stuff. In specific, stuff which is good to start the day. Feel free to have a go yourself and see if it makes a difference. If you’re already smashing the day and going home thinking “yeah, I killed it today my bro”, don’t bother! But I’m thinking you might want to try at least one anyway… And that’s number 1!


  1. Wim Hof Breathing Technique

Now this is a strange one. This is the one which I think you will want to try, out of sheer curiosity! The idea behind it is to get ‘fully charged’, but the ‘fully charged’ you would hear in a Dutch accent.

What the whole practice is meant to do, is to raise your oxygen levels around the body and also the PH levels. It is a form of meditation by focussing fully on your breathe and the present moment and Wim Hof states that you tap right in to your reptilian brain.

Wim Hof is known for running marathons across snow barefooted and climbing Everest in shorts. This is his method which scientists are now looking in to.

You can get a slight tingle around your limbs and you can feel quite light headed but you are always in control. After I’ve done it, I have felt quite a buzz and slight euphoric feeling if that’s not too strong of a word. I’ve done three rounds of it with a cold shower after in the morning. You will have to let me know what you think. I also practice this on match day. See the video below where he explains it all for you! You can skip to 3 minutes to hear Wim Hof explaining it.

2. Morning List of 10


It doesn’t take long to grab a pen and write down on a piece of paper a selection 10 things which make you happy. This doesn’t have to be the fact that you have just bought a brand new VW Golf or Ferrari, but the stuff which you don’t regularly consider. I find the small stuff helps, maybe the fact that it’s getting lighter in the mornings, or that you can have a laugh with certain friends that you see at work. Take a look at my article My Secret to see what I did for a good while. There’s a lot of stuff which is going around about re programming your sub conscious to go to happier and brighter solution, rather than negative thoughts that whirl their way around in that mind.  This is a physical re-write to do in the upon waking which could make a big difference.

3. Exercise


This one is so overlooked. I’m very lucky, as a pro rugby player, that this is my job. Sometimes I can head in to training and be thinking of other stuff which needs doing, or I’m just not looking forward to what COULD lie ahead. But put me straight in to a weights session with some tackling work in the padded room and… VOILA, I feel amazing and ready to go on with the rest of my day. The release of endorphins as the scientific explanation for healthy wellbeing after exercise is well documented, but yet a lot of people find it hard to just dive in. There is a lot to say about mind over body, but I think sometimes that body over mind can really shake you in to a high gear for the day.

This is just a few things to consider, which I myself have enjoyed playing about with over the last year. Pick one or two to have a go with and see if you see any results on levels of happiness and energy. I’d be interested to hear what you think too!