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Elevate Your Mind

We create our own realities based on our past perceptions. Updating these beliefs takes inner exploration: looking inside and updating truths, values and core motivations, whilst unlearning limiting beliefs.

Once you’ve found your truth, you get to either live your new story, in line with who you really are, or to follow your safe old story that you’re possibly living right now.

Life is not by chance. It is by choice.


Can you afford to be in the same place in a years’ time?

Live with vibrancy and freedom after a journey of deep self-discovery:

• What you believe about yourself

• Where these beliefs came from

• Discovery of your innate drivers & values system

• Find out your unique strengths, talents & blind spots

• Own your own authentic identity

• Create your purposeful vision for your life

• Learn how to project value-driven goals for your life

• Design a road map of mastery

Your Mind Coach


Rick is an NLP master practitioner, educator, and mentor. He is Mantality’s mental skills and performance coach for individuals & teams.

He regularly works and helps to empower coaches, athletes, and driven people to get clear on who they want to be, where they want to go and why they want to get there.

Rick will help you identify and understand your values, your behaviours and start to create a clear roadmap of your purposeful vision. You’ll gain deep self-awareness, strategies, and tools to consciously embody your potential and calmly live your life with an open heart, a warrior spirit, a quiet mind, and feet firmly on the ground.

Get in touch with Rick below:

[email protected]

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